Steamboat Mountain School is about academics and adventure. Here the two come together in ways that make for an unforgettable learning experience.

College Preparatory

At the heart of the School is an outstanding college-preparatory curriculum taught by some of the most interesting and dedicated faculty members you’re likely to meet anywhere. Learning is challenging and engaging and happens in small classes that involve you deeply in your education. Our students come from 14 states and 6 countries, and bring with them an adventurous spirit and a thirst for learning.

Small Size. Big Opportunity.

We are intentionally a small school, and we use our size to big advantage. You dive into opportunities that wouldn’t be possible at a big school, programs like Desert Week, Fall Camping, or Global Immersion Studies.
Experiences like these help keep our community fabric tightly knit—when you camp or climb or share a yurt in Mongolia with your teachers and fellow students, you get to know them in ways that aren’t possible in a typical classroom.

Outside The Classroom

Lots of schools talk about programs out of the classroom, but few do out-of-the-classroom like we do. We’re located in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a Rocky Mountain adventure-land whose frontier spirit hangs in the invigorating air we breathe. It’s a place of limitless outdoor opportunity, which we take full advantage of.

Field projects explore subjects like water quality and sustainability. Recreational opportunities are unparalleled. Whether you like to ski, snowboard, hike, climb, kayak, mountain bike, or all of the above (or none of the above, but you’d like to learn), you’ll find opportunities here that you’ll find nowhere else. And our competitive ski and snowboard program is outstanding, having produced many U.S. Ski Team and Olympic athletes.

After Steamboat

This one-of-kind school produces one-of-a-kind graduates. All graduates go to college, and from there they build rewarding lives and careers in just about any walk of life you can imagine- plus many you can’t, because they haven’t been thought up yet.