Steamboat Mountain School challenges the intellects and imaginations of its students to help them lead productive, creative and responsible lives in a dynamic, global society – Adopted by the Steamboat Mountain School Board of Trustees, August, 2011.

How does Steamboat Mountain School live up to its mission? 

First and foremost, the school employs dynamic, highly competent teachers and staff who push students to strive for their best in the classroom, in the mountains, and around the globe. Our curriculum is challenging in all the right ways; it challenges young people to think critically and creatively, and it prepares them for success in college and in life. Our Global Immersion Studies program gives students the invaluable opportunity to become citizens of the world. We hold students accountable for their actions, encouraging them to be active participants in their educations. Steamboat Mountain School asks students to be scholars, citizens, explorers, and leaders.
Experiences at the Steamboat Mountain School teach students both independence of thought and the collaborative skills to influence responsible change. Steamboat Mountain School students are prepared to excel in our dynamic, global society.

Core Values:


  • The quality of approaching all thoughts and actions with truth and honesty.


  • The determination to embrace hard work as integral to achieving both immediate and long-term goals.


  • The acceptance of accountability for choices and actions.


  • The desire and ability to work with others to create a strong, healthy, unified community based on compassion, respect, and tolerance.

Our Vision and Values:

Steamboat Mountain School, a coeducational boarding and day high school, is nestled in the Rocky Mountains that surround Steamboat Springs, CO. Our rustic setting and proximity to wilderness areas allow us to provide a diverse community of students with adventures and challenges that promote independence, collaboration, and environmental awareness.

Through small classes and close relationships with dedicated, supportive, and passionate faculty, Steamboat Mountain School prepares our students for advanced study. Our challenging college-preparatory curriculum focuses on developing quantitative and qualitative skills and on engaging students in dynamic classroom experiences that promote critical thinking and strong oral and written communication skills. Our comprehensive liberal arts curriculum encompasses core subjects, technology, and the arts. Students learn to balance a demanding academic program with a broad range of experiential education opportunities.

Steamboat Mountain School’s academic program works hand-in-hand with its experiential programs to expand a student’s learning experience beyond the traditional classroom. Our Outdoor Education Program (POPs) challenges our students physically and encourages them to develop teamwork and leadership while learning respect for the environment. Our Global Immersion Studies program integrates academic studies and foreign travel to provide our students with an informed world view, cultural immersion, respect for diversity, and a global perspective. Our partnership with the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club allows high-level competitive skiers and snowboarders to pursue their athletic goals while maintaining their focus on academic achievement in a supportive environment. Additionally, we support independent programs including athletics, the arts, and community service for students with strong passions beyond the scope of our programs. Together these programs form the basis of an education that develops each student’s character, intellect, and imagination.

Steamboat Mountain School students will have the integrity and character to achieve personal goals and to be active participants in their communities. They develop the confidence, analytical skills, and adaptability to face the challenges and creatively solve the problems that they will encounter. Their experiences at the Steamboat Mountain School teach them both independence of thought and the collaborative skills to influence responsible change. Steamboat Mountain School students are prepared to excel in our dynamic, global society.