International Admissions

International Admissions 

Steamboat Mountain School alumni hail from countries in Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. International students are encouraged to apply and take advantage of the opportunity to join a broadminded and welcoming community.
International students typically comprise 5% to 8% of the student body. International students attend the same classes as the rest of the student body and must be, at minimum, highly functional and comfortable with spoken and written English, but English Language Learning (ELL) is offered as an option for the school’s regular English classes.

English Languge Learning (ELL)

The objective of this course is to help intermediate-advanced ELL students acclimate to American culture and improve their English skills. ELL focuses on grammar, vocabulary, literature, and expository writing. Students are introduced to various genres of literature and are expected to begin critical analyses of texts accompanied by structured writings. Students are expected to maintain daily journals in order continually to practice their writing skills. Class discussion occurs daily with special focus on pronunciation; active participation is an expectation for each student.

In addition to the general application requirements and following the same deadlines listed above, international students for whom English is not their native language must demonstrate proficiency with a TOEFL score (a minimum score of 65) or a transcript from a secondary school with English as the instructional language.

We will generate an I-20 only AFTER an accepted student has officially enrolled and paid the tuition deposit.

International Student Penguin Pairings

We facilitate school breaks and involvement with our community through Penguin Pairings. Our International students usually fly home or do some educational travel during the week-long or two week-long breaks. However, during shorter breaks (Parents Weekend, spring long weekend, and possibly February Break), our international students will not likely make the trip to their home country. A local Steamboat Mountain School Penguin Pairing family will welcome these students into their home during the break. The introduction to the host family occurs prior to registration weekend when our international students arrive.