Notable Alumni

Kenzie Marshall, Class of 2010

Steamboat Mountain School Influence:

“I was incredibly lucky to be a student at Steamboat Mountain School. When I arrived on campus, I struggled through my first semester of rigorous academic classes, but it was the support of the faculty that helped motivate me to work hard everyday and improve my grades. The educators at Steamboat Mountain School encouraged me to become a life-long learner, not just in a classroom but also on the slopes, in foreign countries, and on camp trips. My motivation to join the Peace Corps came from talking to Jim Linville, himself a former Peace Corps volunteer, and exploring through the Global Immersion Studies Program. I got to travel to Argentina, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Morocco with some of my favorite teachers, and the experiences that we went through together sparked my interest in development work. You will not find another group of educators, anywhere, who care more about helping their students become well-rounded free thinkers. It takes a special group of people not only to teach students in a classroom, but also to spend hours upon hours with them chatting at the breakfast table, helping them re-edit their papers, showing them how to master turning on telemark skis, finding new interactive ways to teach environmental science and anatomy, and explaining the proper way to set up a tent. Steamboat Mountain School provided me with a unique environment that allowed me to develop the necessary skills to be successful, and to explore the world around me."
Your educational background: B.A. International Political Economy (double minor in History & Business), University of Puget Sound, Class of 2014
Children, Youth, and Family Volunteer - United States Peace Corps, Philippines

Current passion/plans: Continuing development work with a specific focus on microfinance, and youth empowerment.
Pursuing a JD/MBA in Intellectual Property Law and International Business upon returning to the U.S.

Most influential educators: I love the entire Steamboat Mountain School faculty, but I am particularly thankful for the support of Meg Morse and Brian Smith, who never gave up on me during math class, and my English teachers who taught me how to write a solid paper.

Favorite memory: Sitting at the breakfast table every Sunday morning, eating doughnuts, and reading the NY Times with the faculty, boarding students and staff.
Being pulled out of a rice patty during the foreign trip to Vietnam my junior year, just yards from where we were stopping for lunch. No one has ever let me forget it!