Greece Group Explores the Navel of the Earth and Ecuador Group Heads to Cerro Seco . . .

The Freshmen and Sophomores traveling in Greece are exploring Delphi, considered by the ancient Greeks to be the Center of the Earth. We received the following word from their guide:

From speaking with Brady, Claire, and the students they have all had a great time. They were surprised by the hard work and the continuous learning that took place, but there was plenty of time for fun.

Community Service in Greece and more from Mongolia . . .

Tanner '18, Greece, 4/20/2015
The day started cold and cloudy with no hint of sun. Today, we left mainland Greece and started traveling to the island of Skopelos. . . Everyone's spirits were high, but we were all exhausted from the days before. Before getting on our ferry to Skopelos, we stopped at a local sandwich shop to grab some lunch for the boat ride. The sandwiches ranged from exotic, Greek subs to plain ham and cheese with bread. Everyone was satisfied with their sandwich and we all felt refueled.


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