Donor Profile

Donor Profile: Interview with Ryan Marovish, ’93

Steamboat Mountain School: There are so many worthy causes in the world. Why have you, as a donor, chosen to focus on Steamboat Mountain School?
Ryan Marovish: Steamboat Mountain School [formerly Lowell Whiteman School] changed my life. It not only changed my life but changed my outlook on life. The school helped me see what is possible to accomplish and gave me the confidence to do well in school and in college. Getting through college and getting a good job take a lot more than just smarts. I gained confidence by learning perseverance. I learned not to give up— not to quit after the first obstacle or failure. The incredible teachers and staff at Whiteman [Steamboat Mountain School] showed such dedication, and they wouldn’t give up on me, which empowered me not to give up. The travel program and the boarding program taught me responsibility through adversity and helped me grow up. I gained the confidence not just to settle for what came my way, and this confidence ultimately helped me start my own company.
And, I met my wife (Kelli, ’93) there!

SMS: What makes our school unique?
RM: Hands down, the travel program.

SMS: You donate countless hours, as a trustee and chair of the finance committee, and dollars as a donor. Why is giving important to you?
RM: The experience of Steamboat Mountain School changed my life— giving back is the least I can do to help the school grow and succeed for future generations. I’m also hoping that our three boys will want to attend one day as well.

SMS: Relationships are a key part of the Steamboat Mountain School Experience. Who helped form the person you are today?
RM: Jim Linville, Joe Roberts, Tim Brown, and Margi Missling-Root.
I failed computer class, and Mr. Brown held me to it. It was the first time in my school career that I couldn’t sweet talk my way out of something. He stuck his ground and made me persevere, which made me stronger. Another class, [geometry] just wasn’t clicking for me and he spent countless hours meeting with me outside class, sometimes until late at night. The teacher dedication is unparalleled. [pun intended?]

SMS: You are a management consultant and own your own business. You are also chair of the school’s finance committee. Analyze us: what do you see in our future?
RM: I can envision us with an admissions waiting list 100s long. The school has gone through transitions over the past few years and is gaining an upward momentum. The experience [for students] is amazing and we need to get the message out there about this incredible opportunity.
The faculty are incredible, and the school will be here forever!