Ice Climbing Adventures for Steamboat Mountain School Students

This past weekend a group of nine students and three staff were able to journey to Ouray, Colorado to partake in two days of wonderful winter ice climbing. From start to finish the trip was an absolute blast! The leaders could not have asked for more amazing, motivated and positive students. 

Day One: They woke up before sunrise in order to get climbing as soon as possible. The students each climbed at least three routes and the leaders reported that the students' endless energy and passion to learn something new was inspiring. Those who had never ice climbed before picked up the skill quickly and the students who have been ice climbing before were able to challenge themselves on harder routes, climbing up ice pillars and mixed routes that had sections of rock and ice. 

Day Two: They got up even earlier than the day before in order to maximize time in the Ice park. It takes a lot of teenage will-power to get up at 6:00am and be on time, ready to go by 7:15am.  These students were motivated and were ready earlier than planned because there was nothing that could stop them from climbing! The students challenged themselves on the hardest route yet. Every single one of them tried it and made it up a significant amount of the route, showing great perseverance and knowledge of their own personal limits. The students and leaders left Ouray and the end of day two very satisfied with the new heights they had reached over the weekend.


Friday, February 10, 2017