Campus & Region

Campus & Region 

Steamboat Mountain School takes its name from Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a vibrant place of breathtaking beauty and limitless outdoor opportunities. Our beautiful mountain campus is located just outside of town. At an elevation of 7000 feet above sea level, we experience four diverse seasons.

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Here are a few facts about our town:

Altitude: 7,000 feet 2,134 meters
Attitude: Western, Outdoorsy, Artsy, Casual, Creative, Adventurous

Also Known As: Ski Town, U.S.A.TM, Bike Town, U.S.A. TM
Population: 23,500

Best Known For: World-class skiing & snowboarding
Also Known For: All things outdoors- hiking, climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, horseback riding, fly-fishing, hot springs, wildflowers, ballooning, rodeos, and more

Days of Sunshine Per Year: 242 (average)
Average Weather: September: 71/35°F (22/2°C), February: 33/7°F (0.5/-14°C), May: 64/34°F (18/1°C)

Epic Powder Snow: 349” inches  (average) of snow every winter, a special, low-moisture variety  called Champagne PowderTM coveted by skiers and riders around the world.
Going for the Gold: 88 Olympians, 151 Olympic appearances. Colorado sent 19 athletes to the Sochi Winter Olympic games, 14 of these 19 athletes have ties to Steamboat Springs