Our Global Immersion Studies Program- why travel is part of our mission as a college prep school

Steamboat Mountain School's GIS program provides an expansive experiential learning opportunity for our students coupled with a strong academic connection. The academic curriculum includes information about the religious, political, cultural, economic, agricultural, educational, historical, and environmental components of the country they are visiting. Students are required to deliver reports, papers, journal entries, presentations, and ready themselves for a diverse cultural exchange.

Our college-prep students spend four months preparing for one month of travel during the spring trimester. This year, Steamboat Mountain School student head to:
  • Trip1 Sikkim region of Northern India with faculty leaders Gina Wither and Robbie Tesar OR
  • Trip 2 High Andes of Ecuador with faculty leaders are Charlie Smith and Kaiti Kinshella OR
  • Trip 3 Australia to  work with 2 Aboriginal communities with faculty leaders Margi Missling Root and John Morse
The program encourages all students to acquire a more thoughtful and generous vision of their roles as active citizens of the world, and asks that they seek to become their best selves by opening their minds and hearts to the world around them.


Thursday, November 17, 2016