Parents' Weekend 2017

As part of Parents' Weekend 2017, student leaders spoke about the importance of our new Craig-Scheckman Student Education Center and what it means to them. Here's what Elle, '18 had to say:

The moment I walked into this school as a shy little 14 year old freshman, I instantly felt an overwhelming sense of community present; so much so that whenever one asks me to describe Steamboat Mountain School the first though that comes to mind is community. Everything the school does from desert week, 14ers, the talent show, parents' weekend, community dinners, and everyday life embodies the ideas of unity and togetherness.
That being said, the past three years I felt as though there was something missing. The layout of the school provided a slight feeling of division. Students were always in separate regions whether that be in the old student lounge, the main building, the temp buildings or boarding students isolated in the dorms. During free time, the tight knit community didn’t feel as close. The school was lacking a centralized area for student life where faculty and students alike could engage and prosper.
Now, walking through the new building, the school feels beyond lively and joyful. No matter the time of day, students can be found laughing over a cup of tea or coffee, dancing, studying, having highly competitive foosball tournaments, or simply lounging and relaxing in the new space. With the addition of the new building, the school feels more connected and unified than ever, and that is saying a lot. I am so happy and proud to see how far Steamboat Mountain school has progressed and grown over my time here. And I am beyond grateful to have this space available for my last year at the school. I can’t wait to return in two, ten, or even twenty years and see this space still being used to uplift and build a strong and connected community.


Thursday, October 5, 2017