Rotary Student of the Month- Steamboat Mountain School's Senior Noah Zedeck

Steamboat Mountain School’s academic dean, Joanne Lasko, presented Rotary Student of the Month Senior and member of National Honor Society, Noah Zedeck. Here are some highlights from her introduction: Academically at the top, Noah has maintained an “A” average over his four years at the school and has appeared continuously on the Deans and Honors lists.  Noah’s academic strengths lie in his inquisitiveness, intelligence, self-discipline, and diligence. As his employer during his summer internship with Sharp, Steinke, Sherman and Engle law firm put it, “Noah is very sharp, but beyond that, he will be a success with whatever he decides to do because he is responsible, asks the right questions, wants to do a good job, and has the kindest personality.  His zeal for learning and interest in what I do made me and other lawyers in the office a lot more excited about our legal careers.”  
Noah is the only Steamboat Mountain School student to be elected by students and faculty for two consecutive years to serve as Prefect, the top leadership position in the school.  Between his school and family trips, Noah has also become an accomplished world traveler; when he goes to Tanzania this spring as part of the school’s Global Immersion Studies program, Noah will fulfill his dream of traveling to every continent by the age of eighteen. 
Upon graduation, Noah has his heart set on attending Emory University, where he participated in a two-week course last summer. His current interests are in business and the legal profession.  Given his brains, passion for learning, compassionate nature, humor, and perseverance, he will give back to the world regardless of what he does.


Thursday, November 19, 2015