Rotary Student of the Month- Tanner Richard

We are delighted to honor Steamboat Mountain School senior Tanner Richard as the Rotary Student of the Month. Tanner is a gentle, genuine soul whose unique and strong leadership is evident through his integrity, compassion, and keen perception. Our other students notice and respond to Tanner, and though he is is not always the most outspoken leader, he leads through example and action.

As a student, Tanner excels. He holds himself to high standards and is known by all of his teachers as a deep thinker who propels class discussions forward. He consistently models the tenets of hard work and curiosity that the Steamboat Mountain School community values, and his peers look to Tanner as an example of how to be an engaged scholar. He has taken on the challenging course load of 6 academically rigorous courses his senior year because he is genuinely interested in the subjects. Additionally, Tanner is an artist and an athlete. His photography won a school competition his junior year and continues to earn him praise from community members. He is a strong athlete, having competed in three demanding sports each year. Cross country running, nordic skiing and track and field are all disciplines that require both mental and physical stamina, and Tanner’s commitment to these activities is not outstripped by his pure joy for the sports.

His maturity shines on our international trips each spring as he holds himself and his classmates to high moral standards and stands out as someone who is always willing to stand up for the right thing, even if it is an unpopular decision. During his time at Steamboat Mountain School, he has traveled to Greece, India, and Ecuador. Indeed, Tanner won the Global Immersion Studies award last spring thanks to his infinite patience, open-mindedness and leadership throughout his most recent trip to Ecuador. Even as his classmates were struggling to cope in an unfamiliar environment, Tanner was kind and patient with them and always thinking about how to help them through rather than about himself. His leaders say that he was the glue for the trip, creating a positive group dynamic without creating drama or making a fuss, but rather listening to each and every classmate in a kind and caring way. These characteristics came out most recently when Tanner was elected to be one of five prefects at the school, a position that he took on with real pride and honor, representing his classmates and proving their trust in him. Our faculty trusts him with the great responsibility of serving on the Standards Committee, and it is common for Tanner to be involved in organizing and arranging outdoor trips and student activities for our student body.

As a community that values responsibility, perseverance, collaboration, and integrity, Tanner is invaluable. We are proud of Tanner and congratulate him on being selected as Rotary Student of the Month.


Friday, December 1, 2017