School Attitude

School Attitude: Grit, Resilience, Can-Do Spirit

Jazzy Lynch

4 year Senior

“I’m changing at Steamboat Mountain School. I’m growing to be more independent and more confident.  As a boarding student, I knew I would have to start doing things on my own. 

Being out in the wilderness is a good learning experience. We rotate different jobs like cooking or water duty or group leader. Everybody has to help out. When skiing, you have to learn to persevere and push through challenges. On Desert week and camping trips you’re doing things you don’t usually do, so you have to push yourself. That definitely carries over to schoolwork. If I’m studying for a test, I have to push myself there also.”

Hometown: Taos, New Mexico

Favorite subjects: Math and Science

Carving a name for herself: Has qualified for USSA Rocky/Central Junior Ski Championships each of the last 4 years

Favorite place on campus: The trampoline outside Elizabeth Hall

Flight risk: Wants to be a pilot