Spring outdoor pursuits in Steamboat Springs, CO

From skiing and snowboarding to learning to cast a fly rod or participating in traditional high school spring sports- Steamboat Mountain School offers a variety of choices for students.

Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club training has ceased, though the snow hasn't melted, so our winter athletes transform in spring athletes. Three students are playing lacrosse, one is running track, and one is playing soccer. Several students continue athletic training by participating in MANIC---The sessions are intense and challenging to everyone on many levels.  Manic Training brings programmed sessions into a hybrid style of training.  The Manic goal is to program workouts that challenge and benefit you in all aspects of athleticism for long term goals and improvement, to make you feel better, to perform better, to be stronger from the core out, and to make you look better and feel great!

Robbie Tesar, teacher of history and life, is passionate about fly fishing. He has six students learning to cast a fly rod. At the moment, they are practicing in the school parking lot, and it was great fun listening to the whip of the line crack as the students practiced their new skill.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016