Steamboat Location & Vibe

Steamboat Location & Vibe


Emily Colin

Math and Science Teacher
Steamboat Mountain School, class of 2003
B.A. Colby College

“You drive over Rabbit Ears pass and you see the mountains and the ranchlands, and then you come into this great town. You go into a restaurant and you meet skiers and ranchers and people who’ve never skied who have lived here their whole lives. Then you drive to the school and look out on this beautiful forest.

“It’s so much more than a generic mountain town. There’s more heart and history than you’d find in Vail or Aspen. The town, the mountain, the community, the sunny days—there’s nowhere quite like Steamboat Springs.”
Emily Colin


Alma mater: Steamboat Mountain School (then called Lowell Whiteman School), class of 2003

Other alma mater: Colby College, double major in Geology and Chemistry

Big Breaks: Skiing Super-G and Downhill with the U.S. Ski Team; getting hired to teach at alma mater #1

Bad breaks: Her nose, her shoulder, and her leg (3 times)

Co-founded: Pedal for Change, a nonprofit that uses international cycling adventures to teach youth about economic, social, and environmental sustainability

Favorite place on campus: South pasture, with its view of the valley

Favorite food on campus: Anything Andy (the School chef) makes with pork

Favorite non-human on campus: Her dog, Lily