Steamboat Mountain School Alum Reports from the Field

Geography teacher Nikki Durkan reached out to Will Horner, ‘11, to see if he could speak to her class about his current experiences in Germany. Here’s a excerpt of his response: All is well here in Germany. Come February I'll be doing climate science in the wetlands of Bavaria! One of my professors is a leading expert in wetland ecology and climate science, and offered to give me a job in his lab. We'll be working on measuring gas release from wetlands and peat bogs in response to temperature and rainfall, data which will likely go into the IPCC's next report.
I am also volunteering with refugees here in Germany. Basically I wait for refugees to arrive, which they do daily. We direct them to medical examinations if necessary, give them food/ clothes if they need them, and then direct them to the next step of their residency here in Germany. Most of the refugees at the moment are actually from Eritrea and there are also many from Syria, Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Iraq.
Will plans to Skype with the Geography class after winter break.


Friday, December 11, 2015