Steamboat Mountain School Arts Exploration Classes Begin

A new AE session started on Monday, January 18th. The classes are non-credit and meet for 40 minutes every Monday.

College Counseling:  (Required for all Juniors)  Juniors will be starting the college process, researching schools, establishing a sense of the big picture of the process, and getting a jump on the essay and application responsibilities in order to avoid leaving everything until the fall of their Senior year.

Piano: This AE, with Academic Dean Doc as the leader, provides time to practice the piano and instruction/feedback from Doc regarding technique and performance.  Sign ups for this AE were open only to those with some piano background.

Drama/Dance:  This performance AE led by teachers Hayley Berg and Charlie Smith will include Salsa and swing dancing lessons, improv. work, and acting exercises and techniques.  It also offers the option for students to write a skit/short play involving both acting and dancing and to perform the skit.

Strings: Dean of Students Brian Smith will work with a group of strings players in this AE.  Those involved play guitar, ukulele, violin, viola, and cello.  The group will work both together and individually.

Creative Writing/School Newspaper:  With teacher Moni Slater leading the group and providing training in publishing software, students will produce a school newspaper that includes photographs, parodies, school news, and whatever else the group want to include.


Friday, January 22, 2016