Steamboat Mountain School graduate teaching in Japan

Born and raised on campus at Steamboat Mountain School, Bridger Root (LWS '07, Whitman College '11), has embarked on a new adventure teaching in Japan. When he was just 8 months old, his parents (long time facutly members Margi Missling Root and Brick Root) led a trip to Russia with 13 students and Bridger in tow. Bridger's first of many foreign travel experiences was at a time when there were food shortage and resource shortages in Russia. He has never stopped travelling, and recently landed his first international job teaching English in a remote village in northern Japan. He is the only English speaker in the village and he does not speak or read Japanese. He has had to do a lot of problem solving as he sorts out what to buy in the market, how to do laundry (the contraption looks like a deep fryer and it's unclear if it has a spin cycle), and how to learn the names of his students. Stay tuned for more stories from Bridger!


Friday, February 26, 2016