Student Leadership Elections

The Prefect election process at Steamboat Mountain School has begun for the 2015-16 student leadership.

The Prefect position is an amazing opportunity and the pinnacle of student leadership roles at Steamboat Mountain School.  Students interested in applying for Prefect Positions for the 2015-2016 school year should print and read the attached document.  The elections are open to all current freshmen, sophomores, and juniors.  Be sure to discuss this opportunity with your parents, advisor, and other mentors regarding your application.

3/9/15 Prefect Nominee Materials Due for Approval by Prefect Election Committee (essay, speech, etc.)
3/11-3/13/15-Prefect Nominee Speeches
3/13/15 Prefect Elections Open(Electronic ballot)
3/15/15 Prefect Elections Close
3/16/15-Current Prefects present 2015-2016 Prefects in Theater during announcements
5/5/15- Current Prefects begin mentoring program for 2015-2016 Prefects

Prefects are students who demonstrate strong citizenship and scholarship and are elected toward the end of the year by the student body and faculty and staff to serve in a leadership role. They are expected to lead by example, adhering to the prefect code, and working as a positive member of the Steamboat Mountain School community.

General responsibilities of prefects include: being a role model for students in school, being a supporter of school rules, acting as mediator in certain disputes and misunderstandings, develop and maintain close constant communication with the Dean of Students, maintain specified areas of school (i.e. Student Lounge, Library, Student Store), Support the Academic Program, Student Life Program, Experiential Education Program, Ski/Ride Program, and Community Service Programs. Prefects are also expected to participate in leadership training and work towards reinforcing their strengths and strengthening their weaknesses as a leader.


Thursday, March 12, 2015