Sustainable Agriculture Program

Sustainable Agriculture Program

The Sustainable Agriculture Program (SAP) provides Steamboat Mountain School students with the opportunity to be directly connected with their environment and their food. The Sustainable Agriculture Program works collaboratively within Steamboat Mountain School and the local community to enhance the quality of life for our community. By using sustainable environmental practices, SAP benefits Steamboat Mountain School while tying together our natural environment and our student’s immediate surroundings in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The Sustainable Agriculture Program leads Steamboat Mountain School's environmentally friendly practices. The school’s multi faceted program addresses issues including composting, greenhouse growing, and small agricultural farming, as well as promoting the school and surrounding community through a shared and vested interest in our food, waste, and energy usage.

Major goals of the Sustainable Agriculture Program are:

  • Waste reduction
  • Community building
  • Educational integration
  • Marketing integration
  • Enhanced nutrition
  • Physical exercise
  • Natural connection and awareness
  • Connection with the greater Steamboat community
  • Hiring of interns at the college level who are already committed to sustainable agriculture programs

This school year’s goals include:

  • Farmer relationships (helping our students understand where their food comes from)
  • Compost program (60% of kitchen waste will be composted)
  • Internships (opportunities to get involved)
  • Long term planning (community space and large production greenhouse)

Connecting students with the food they eat is one of the fundamental ideals of SAP. By exposing them to this understanding at an early age, SAP aims to make them more likely to continue healthy living and eating practices throughout their lives. Students gain a connection to the foods they eat and become knowledgeable about how they are produced. Students learn how food can be produced in a safe and sustainable way.

SAP Suppers

Benefit dinners are held in Steamboat Mountain School’s dining hall to help finance SAP. These dinners are three courses plated and paired with wine or beer. SAP Suppers serve both to expand our presence in the Steamboat community and to raise money to support SAP. Funds raised by these events are used exclusively to promote the school's continued dedication to environmental issues involving our students.

SAP Suppers include parents, faculty, trustees, and alumni as well as members of the greater Steamboat community. As the relationship between sustainability and education becomes increasingly important to the continuation of our species SAP provides our students with unique learning opportunities about environmental conservation, health, and sustainability. Sample menu from May 2015: